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I am applying for a Italian linguistic\language teaching position. inside your faculty of Arts and I have attached my current curriculum vitae with references.

As my cv indicates, I received my Phd degree in Linguistics from University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) working in Italian and French pragmatics. One of the main aspects of this doctoral program was the presence of many seminar works with very important professor of my fields, like for example Prof Duranti from University of Los Angeles or Professor Catherine Kebrat-Orecchioni from Lyon University (France).

I feel that that the variety of experiences inside this school have helped make me a more expert teacher and researcher in linguistics.

Before my Phd program, I was teacher for two years at the University of Tunis 7 November in Nabeul (Tunisia) as a assistant professor for a two years contracts working in different specialties of language like: General Italian, business Italian and Italian for tourism.

I can say that I have 4 years of teaching Italian in some country like France, Tunisia and of course in Italy with my presence for two summer course of University of Udine. I used to have students from 15 years old through senior citizen and at levels from beginner through intermediate.

My passion for teaching is the result of many cultural experience around the world.

This experience give to me the awareness that language without context or cultural grammar between people make not significant to learn a foreign language. This is why during my class I stress all the time the notion of appropriateness, context, social distance and system of politeness during the text class presentation.

Indeed, I strongly believe that student have to be actor in class, in term of be proactive during role-playing, scenario invention and conversation analysis.

All this element represent my way of seeing second language education where grammar and pragmatic walk side by side with the strong help of lexical expression and memory.

In practical terms, primarily I taught conversation and Italian communication class, but also had courses in writing and reading with my students. In all my conversational classes, I strived to lead more students towards taking more responsibility for their learning, by giving more control over the topics and by teaching and practicing communication strategies. In writing classes, I focused on making students aware of aspects of creative writing, as well as working with them or writing essays on topics of their own choosing. Finally, in reading classes, I stress to use real materials for practising different register of language. For my personal purposes I have a “teaching journal” for pedagogical improvement.

Indeed, I am also very interested in create my own teaching materials in order to publish a day a very useful Italian language book connected with language and cultural aspects of everyday life.

I hope that this presentation make more clear my person.

Yours truly,

Dr Edoardo Natale

tel: 00393280096236
For references:

Prof Augusto Carli:

Dott.ssa Alessia Bruno:

Prof.ssa Roberta Barazza:

Professor Leroy:

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