lunedì 1 febbraio 2010

  1. Effective and Sensitive Intercultural Communication
  2. Which elements constitute culture?quali elementi costituiscono quello che si definisce la cultura?
    • Culture can be considered everything the human being rules about life and communicate to other humans in a social context
  3. Which elements constitute culture? E.g. The process to invent something new and be used by the others like a metaphor of life and culture
  4. An inventor has an idea to make something new
  5. But the invention has to be understood by the future users, this means: instructions
  6. What do you think about life like the radio and culture like instructions to write ? LIFE Instructions
  7. What is cultural and what is personal?
  8. Personal Sphere Pre-cultural Pre-verbal
  9. Guide to live Social Rules Cultural Sphere
  10. How do they interact? Culture
  11. Throughout the personality Culture Personality
  12. Personality = person & culture Personality
  13. Personalities influence culture Culture
  14. Personal and social progress Culture Personality
  15. How does culture affect communication?
    • Each individual has a personality directly influenced by its personal background and the surrounded culture
  16. = Communication problems X Culture Personality X Culture Personality Same culture but different personalities
  17. = Possible approaches to mutual cultural understanding X Culture Personality Y Culture Personality Different cultures but similar personalities
  18. = Cultural and personal crashes X Culture Personality Y Culture Personality Different culture and personalities
  19. Tips
    • Know yourself
    what is mine?, what is from my culture?
    • Know the world
    consider cultures an opportunity of knowledge not a conflict
    • Know the others

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