martedì 4 ottobre 2016

Jealous of German serenity

We are all a bit jealous of the serenity offered by the German politics to its population. This is my statement of departure. In the Italian context, it seems that Italian politics is struggling with his constitutional reform to change the fortunes of the management of the country without discussing on how to save the Italian population from its future of unemployment and general poverty. Italian politics likes to talk about topics that allow a form of monumentality of his role at the expense of taking care of the policy of "daily routine" made of attention to the practical needs of the people. An example is provided by Germany country, which has inscribed in its constitution the right of every German citizen to have a basic income to not be left behind. German policy is aware that letting people back involves a chain reaction of resentment and social hatred with the result of a boycott of the general will inside the society. The task of politics in Italy and in many European countries would be to reduce the social distance between members of Italian society.
When this task is not performed by the policy it grants the appetizer of all forms of social dissolution and ethno-nationalistic resentment. This is easy to revise in the forms of resentment that appear in a country like Hungary which feels like to be the poor members of Europe and became so jealous of the other countries in the European context. This way of reacting that weigh their cultural foreignness to globalization with the exclusion of migrants, defined as the waste product of globalization. The worst human feelings come out when it is not secured to each person a chance to be helpful in this society. The feeling of waste, injustice, of uselessness becomes devasting when you associate the concept of money with the one of existence. People need money to live and should not be the job has decreed your right or not of life. All these elements are related in this world and not see these data involves a blindness worthy of being described as pure hypocrisy.

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