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Italian Elementary Italian I

Elementary Italian I
Instructor: Edoardo Natale
Telephone :
Elementary Italian I
Spring 2009
Instructor: Edoardo Natale
Office Hours: email me to arrange an appointment
First Meeting: Thursday, January 29th, 7:35-9:35 pm
Room #: Sever 208
Textbook : online language materials
- Lazzarino, Dini, Peccianti. PREGO! An Invitation to Italian, 7th Ed. McGraw-Hill, Inc.
- Dini, Lazzarino. PREGO! An Invitation to Italian, Workbook. McGraw-Hill, Inc.
Course Description: Students continue their study of Italian grammar and further
develop their oral skills, comprehension, and vocabulary. The emphasis is on speaking,
but students write some short compositions too. Conducted entirely in Italian.
Prerequisite: ITAL E-1a or equivalent.
Attendance: Regular attendance is critical to the success of the language-learning
process. Active participation in class is also essential for the acquisition of the language.
Students who are taking this class for credit need to remember that lateness and/or
absences may affect their status in this course and are reflected in their final grade.
Preparation: It is important that students are familiar with the syllabus. It is
recommended that grammar and homework are prepared prior to class meetings. We will
cover chapters 6-12 of our textbook during the semester.
Homework: Homework will be assigned every other week and it is worth 15% of the
final grade. In case you are not in class, be sure to ask me or another student the list of the
exercises assigned from the workbook (check due dates on the schedule).
Exams: We will have an in-class test every other week. Our final exam is scheduled on
May 21st. Details on the final exam will be discussed in class.
Harvard Extension School Italian E-1b
Course Tentative Schedule
Date Chapters Grammar Homework Communicative goals
Jan. 31st Ripasso
- Ripasso del materiale del
semestre scorso
Feb. 5th Ch. 6
- Capitolo 6:
A. Pronomi di oggetto
B. Accordo del participio
passato nel passato
• Talking about food
and restaurants
• Talking about
Feb. 12th Ch. 6
- Capitolo 6:
C. Piacere
D. Interrogativi
Feb. 19th Ch. 7
Ripasso capitolo precedente
- Capitolo 7:
A. Verbi riflessivi
B. Costruzione reciproca
- Quiz di verifica capitolo 6
- WB 6 due • Talking about habits
• Expressing
reciprocal actions
• Vocabulary: fashion
and colors
Feb. 26th Ch. 7
- Capitolo 7:
C. Avverbi
D. Numeri superiori a cento
Mar. 5th Ch. 8
- Capitolo 8:
A. Imperfetto
B. Imperfetto e passato
- Quiz di verifica capitolo 7
- WB 7 due • Talking about news
and entertainments
• Talking about things
you used to do
• Describing actions,
situations, people,
etc. in the past
12th Ch. 8
- Capitolo 8:
C. Trapassato
D. Suffissi
Il Veneto e il Friuli-
Venezia Giulia
19th Ch. 9
- Capitolo 9:
A. Pronomi tonici
B. Comparativi
- Quiz di verifica capitolo 8
- WB 8 due • Talking about body
• Talking about health
Apr. 2nd Ch. 9
- Capitolo 9:
C. Superlativi relativi
D. Comparativi e superlativi
Le Marche
Apr. 9th Midterm Ripasso e Midterm - WB 9 due
Apr. 16th Ch. 10
- Capitolo 10:
A. Futuro semplice
B. Usi speciali del futuro
• Talking about the
future and
discussing vacations
• Holidays and
• Booking a trip and
interacting with a
Harvard Extension School Italian E-1b
travel agent
Apr. 23rd Ch. 10
- Capitolo 10:
C. Si impersonale
D. Formazione dei nomi
La Sardegna
Apr 30th Ch. 11
- Capitolo 11
A. Usi di ne
B. Usi di ci
- Quiz di verifica capitolo 10
- WB 10 due • Shopping for food
• Shopping in
specialty stores
• Specifying
quantities and
talking about food
• Handling and
changing money
May 7th Ch. 11
- Capitolo 11
C. Pronomi doppi
D. Imperativo (tu, noi, voi)
La Sicilia
May 14th Ch. 12
- Capitolo 12
A. Aggettivi indefiniti
B. Pronomi indefiniti
- Quiz di verifica capitolo 11
- WB 11 due • Describing a home
• Buying and renting
May 21st Ch. 12
- Capitolo 12
C. Negativi
D. Imperativo (Lei, Loro)
- Final
- Final paper
La Puglia
N.B. This schedule may be subject to changes. Please, email me for updates if you miss
class ( ). Remember that Spring Break will begin on March 22nd.
and will end on March 29th. Thus, there is no class on Thursday, March 26th.
Final Grade: 15% attendance, preparation, performance
15% homework
20% quizzes (written and orals)
25% midterm exam
25% final exam

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