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Title - Italian: Reviewing Reflexive Verbs and Reciprocals
(I verbi riflessivi e reciproci)

Primary Subject - Language Arts - Italian II
Grade Level - 8-12
Time - 2 class periods

• Students will be able to conjugate verbs in the reflexive form
• Students will be able to find the infinitive of the reflexive verb
• Students will be able to identify the past participle of the reflexive verb
• Students will be able to define the reflexive verb
• Students will be able to write a short story using reflexive verbs.
Behavioral Objectives
A. Review rules of conjugating reflexive verbs

Sample: Io (lavarsi) ogni mattina

1. Drop the 'arsi, ersi, irsi' leaving the root verb
Ex: Lavarsi = lav______
2. Add the appropriate Reflexive pronoun
Ex: io = mi
Io MI (lavarsi) ogni giorno
3. Add the appropriate verb conjugation ending (Check to make sure the verb is not irregular and adjust if necessary).
Ex: io = o
Lavarsi------  Lav____- 
Io mi LAVO ogni giorno
4. Conjugate the verb lavorarsi in the reflexive conjugation.
Iomi mi lavo Noi ci laviamo
Tu ti lavi Voi vi lavate
Lui si lava Loro si lavano
5. Reminder, you can drop the subject pronoun (io, tu, lui/lei) and the sentence will still be correct.
Mi lavo ogni giorno.
B. Divide students into 5-6 groups (4-5 each) and assign roles.
Roles: Manager, Writer, Checker, "Spar" person (everyone in the group must come up and "spar" against the other groups.

C. Hand out one white board for each group.
• Students will be required to write down their answers individually as they get up to "spar" with the other groups using the white boards.

D. Hand out worksheet for each group.
• Students in the groups will also be required to fill in the worksheet.
• Writing the infinitive of the reflexive verb
• Write the definition of the word
• Write the past participle

E. Begin the game after review of the rules
• Students will be called on from each group and teacher will select a reflexive verb from the flashcards pile.
• Teacher will role dice and students will write the reflexive verb in its proper conjugation according to the dice
Example: If the verb "lavarsi" is picked and the dice landed on io the student will write on the white board: Io mi lavo.

Each person that correctly writes out the answer will receive a "coin"
• Students left in the group must then write the infinite of the verb lavarsi (lavare), its definition and past participle on the worksheet.
• Students will then go back to their group and select the next "sparring" person, remembering that each member must go up at least once.

F. Group that correctly answers the most questions combined with the most correct answers on the worksheets will receive 5 extra points on the test
Instructional Objectives
• Students will correctly write the appropriate reflexive verb in its proper form and position on the white board, competing against the other groups.
• Students will complete the worksheet by defining the verb and identifying, in writing, the infinitive form of the reflexive verb as well as the past participle.
• Students will compose a short (8-10 sentences) story, in Italian, about the famous ex-couple Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston using the reflexive verbs. (they can use their books for this part of the lesson)
• Students will share their story with the other students at the beginning of tomorrow's class.
• Individual points (when sparring against other individuals in the group) will be added to the group
• Completed worksheet (handed in)
• Short story: Written and Oral evaluation

Group Worksheets:

Points collected________ Classe________

Worksheets - List:

Verb Infinitive of Verb Definition Past participle
divorziarsi Divorziare (infinitive) To divorce divorziato

Group/Individual Work
Writing portio
Nomi______________________ ________________________________

_______________________ _____________________ ____________________

Descrivi la storia della vita di Jennifer Aniston and Bratt Pitt.
Write the story of Jenn & Brad Pitt

Describe, using the reflexive verbs, how they met, went out, dated, fell in love, separated and ultimately divorced. You will be required to read 2 sentences each, so there should be 8-10 sentences. Remember, make it simple.

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