martedì 13 aprile 2010

Project of research: Immigration to understand Italian identity.

Project: Immigration to understand Italian identity.

My research project wants to re-write the Italian cultural identity, in the new migratory context, in order to understand which ways italian people and migrants can follow about migration issue.
My target is to underline how identity is a cultural elaboration and that we should start looking at our Italian cultural and national identity as not only one, in order to make an intercultural approach easier and more concrete. Migration makes italian people to observe how Italy will be able to face
-with it’s state, political and social culture- this new situation.
Till now, only fear has been dominating bacase of our weak culture, religious and territorial identity: This fear has caused a reactionary feeling in italian people and a strong extremism in migrants. I want to walk back on italian historical and cultural way in order to re-build and re-find our universalistic identity which was born from Latin, christian and Renaissance cultures, which are our cultural bachground’s basis. It’s necessary to start talking about our wonderful geografical position, because Italy is a Peninsula in the middle of the “civilization see”, the mediterranean sea, it’s a bridge between East and West, it’s a mix of foreign cultures.
Therefore, my research project wants to demonstrate how the italian identity can take advantage of

the presence of migrants in the italian social cultural and territorial context, in order to everyone is encouraged to consider his/her own identity as the result of his/her several and differt belongings.

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